About Us

For years, I was improperly fit into the wrong bra size by sales associates who were trained to sacrifice accuracy to increase the company’s bottom line, and as a result, I suffered from back pain, poor posture, and a lack of self-confidence.  Shopping for clothes was a nightmare, and I always felt uncomfortable because my bra was not providing me with adequate support.  Several years ago, I finally received a fitting from a trained professional and purchased a well-constructed bra in my correct size.  For the first time ever, I felt good in my bra, but more importantly, I felt good about myself, a feeling I hope to share with other people.  As a result, I enlisted my aunt Debbie and my father Jason to create A Sophisticated Pair.  Like me, Debbie also struggled to find the right bra and was eager to promote proper fitting techniques, and Jason was not only a firsthand witness of my prior torment but also acted as my personal pep squad, rallying me to achieve my goals.

Unfortunately, the lack of local availability for diverse sizes and styles means many people settle for the wrong size bra or patronize online vendors who cannot provide fitting advice or recommendations.  We want to change this!  My family and I are passionate about listening to our customers’ concerns and finding the perfect products for them.  We believe no person should ever have to settle for a bra she/he doesn’t love or that doesn’t fit.  With our store, we have created a “Judgement Free Zone” where you can feel comfortable discussing your bra, lingerie, and shapewear needs in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and leave feeling confident about your experience and yourself.

For questions or personalized fit advice, please visit our contact page for more information.  During normal store hours, we accept walk-ins only at this time, but we can schedule private appointments outside of those times too.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Erica, Jason, and Debbie