Knixwear Seamless Boy Shorts

Hello women,

While we focus on making comfortable bras, it is essential to pay attention to the other products that our customers are looking for and find a way to meet their needs. Some new brands have recently entered the market, and it is important to stay relevant. I decided to take a fresh look at these items. Knixwear asked me to review a free sample of their new underwear, and I could not wait to try them.

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There has been renewed interest in the underwear market since women need more than a standard pair. Companies are looking to design underwear to meet the needs of women. Kniwxwear has built its entire company using Fresh Fix Technology.

Every pair made by Knix uses Fresh Fix Technology. The underwear is absorbent and will remove moisture and odor. This will allow you to have a fresh feeling.

Some of the underwear also leak-resistant and moisture-locking panties, which are great for working out or while having your period. I was sent the Fresh Fix Seamless Moisture Wicking Boyshorts, and I wear a size large. This pair has antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties.

Taking Pictures of Black Undergarments is Hard

In most sizes, I wear between a medium and large. I would have been better in the medium. They are flexible, but due to this, I would like the fit to be a little snugger. They did flatter my figure, and they did have some exposure in the rare, so I did not feel like I was wearing granny panties. They had a sleek and sporty feel, which is great if women are looking for less frill.

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The fabric is great. It was thin and soft. I was surprised at how comfortable they were, and I liked that they did not show. I do have other brands that I like, but Knixwear was right up there.

Cute Packaging

Knixwear does a pretty good job when it comes to packaging. The moisture-wicking was a nice feature, but I did not notice any changes from the antimicrobial properties. I was happy with the seamless fit, especially when wearing tighter pants. I got the basic and plain pair, but there are also sexy undergarments to purchase. There is also the Lycra design and athletic designs. The only thing that I did not care for from this brand were the prices. The pair was $28, and this is usually more than what I am willing to pay. I did like the boyshorts, however. I do not have a lot of money in my budget, so I need something affordable. These panties did hold up well. After washing them, they looked as lovely as when I received them.

Panty Washing Bag

I think that these panties are great, and they can be used every day. They are an excellent option for women that are looking for something more than an attractive pair of panties. They are functional, and they are comfortable to wear.

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