Victoria’s Secret Fit Techniques Do Not Work

On my last visit to Victoria’s Secret, I was a teenager that really did not know much about fit or bra sizes. I only went to the store as my 38DD hand me downs were calling to pieces. That prompted my Mom to take me to the local mall and fitting at Victoria’s Secret. The assistant there eventually brought out a 38DD for me to try on, and it did not fit at all, my breasts were hanging out. She then harmed my low self-esteem by suggesting I try Lane Bryant, whose ideas about a bra that fits were slightly more realistic. Eventually, I got a 38DDD, and it would be years before I brought a bra that was not a poor fit.

Since opening my own store selling bras, I have made criticals about the bra fit techniques of Victoria’s Secret not working, and providing women with bras that do not fit correctly. Victoria’s Secret, in turn, have suggested that my bra size calculator is not accurate. Yet I refute their claims and contend that their techniques are wrong. At least 65% of the comments against my calculator have been left by women who wear Victoria’s Secret bras, most of whom have provided their measurements. If those measurements are correct, then most of these women are probably wearing the wrong sized bras, as the bands are too big and the cups will be too small.

Victoria Secret’s Bad Fitting Techniques

Therefore to counter Victoria’s Secret poor fit technique, I am combining my blog with a video. The aim is for me to reveal how badly their fitting techniques are and to demonstrate why my size calculator is better. In this video, I show you how a Victoria’s Secret agent would fit a bra, and how I would make a fitting. There is quite a difference in sizing, so do not follow Victoria’s Secret techniques if you want a bra that fits true to size.

The inaccuracy of the Victoria’s Secret fit techniques are bad for two reasons, it harms the self-confidence of women, and it means they could be uncomfortable wearing the wrong size bra. I shall demonstrate this by showing how their techniques get women to overstate their hand size and understate their cup size.

Following their fit technique, the band size is worked out by measuring round your back and then diagonally across the top of your bust and ribcage. This is inaccurate as it measures tissue in the wrong places and can add a few inches on to the band sizing. Then you measure the fullest part of your bust and take away the band measurement. Using this guide, my size is a 38C instead of the actual 30HHH I wear. That is a difference of 8 inches round the band and several cup sizes. This means that their sizing techniques are literally not fit for purpose. Do not use their techniques and instead use my size calculator. Getting the right fit will make life so much more comfortable.

In no way I am arguing that Victoria’s Secret well poor quality products, just that their inaccurate bra fitting techniques mean that women either buy the wrong size bra from them or if larger from a different retailer, with damaged self-esteem.

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