Bra Care Instructions

To prolong the life of your bra, we recommend you gently clean and dry the bra as needed. Keep in mind that perfumes, lotions, perspiration, and even body chemistry can cause the straps and band to lose elasticity over time if the bra is not washed frequently.

Hand Wash (Preferred & Best Method)

Fill sink with cool water and mild soap or detergent then lightly agitate the water to disperse the soap.  Soak the bra for at least five minutes.  Rinse the bra and squeeze excess water, but do not wring. Blot dry with a towel.

Machine Wash

Using a lingerie bag, wash intimates on the delicate or hand wash cycle. Before washing, snap all hook and eye closures and check that bras are not tangled together in the bag.

Dry Clean

Some bras are not designed to be hand or machine washed. If the manufacturer recommends dry cleaning the garment, follow their advice.

We highly recommend you hand wash bras as it is the safest method for cleaning; nevertheless, regardless of whether you hand or machine wash, never place bras in the dryer. The heat will destroy the elasticity of the bra, cause shrinkage, wire distortion, and fraying. After washing, reshape the bra and either allow the bra to hang dry or dry flat on a towel. Keep bras away from heaters, radiators, and sunshine to prevent the fading of colors and discoloration of whites.

Additional Tips:

  • If you have sensitive skin, use a mild hypoallergenic soap or your regular body wash for cleaning intimates.

  • To decrease washing time, pick a day of the week to wash all of your intimates together instead of cleaning them separately.

  • If a bra has a molded foam cup, machine washing can cause the foam to curl upward along the edges of the bra, and the fit may no longer be perfect.  Hand washing is the preferred method for all molded cup bras.

  • Wireless, non-foam cup bras will be safe in a lingerie bag in the washing machine since there is no underwire or foam to damage.