Bra Naked Truth

“A DD cup is HUGE!”  “People actually wear a 28 band?”  “Bras are supposed to be uncomfortable.”  “This is how I thought a bra should fit.”  How many of us have heard, seen, or even uttered one of those phrases?  With misconceptions about bra fitting and sizing pervading the media and Internet, far too many people are lacking a basic bra education, and we hope to inspire change.  Because we are a North Carolina based business, our physical reach only goes so far, but we hope our series can educate and inform the millions of people who may never be able to visit us at the shop.  Our mission is to combat falsehoods and to arm everyone with the knowledge and confidence they need to find the perfect size and style bra for them.

In addition to dispelling myths about bra sizing, we want to provide practical advice on caring for intimates, building a lingerie wardrobe, and even preparing for a bra fitting.  New content will be added periodically as we expand and improve upon what we hope will be a valuable resource tool for anyone searching for advice about bras and lingerie.

If you have struggled to find comfortable, well-fitting bras or are confused by the conflicting advice on sizing, it’s time to learn the bra naked truth!

Erica, Jason, and Debbie