Email FAQ

Because I receive such a high volume of emails, I have broken down some of the commonly asked questions here along with answers and advice.  Periodically, I will update this list to include new questions and to improve answers based on feedback from customers.  Please read through the page fully before sending an email because the help you need may already be available on the website.

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Q: When is the best time to visit the shop?

During the week, especially in the morning or later in the afternoon, are the best times to visit.  Saturdays can sometimes be incredibly busy, and we have been known to have upwards of an hour wait for a fitting.  You are always welcome to call the shop in advance to see what kind of wait time we have before coming out or to set up an appointment outside of our normal hours.

Q:  My job hours coincide with the shop hours, can I come after 6p.m. or Sundays/Mondays?

Yes!  We are happy to set up appointments; however, we do ask for at least three days notice for evening appointments and seven days notice for Sunday or Monday appointments.  Since we’re a small family-owned business, we will occasionally have plans that cannot be rescheduled to accommodate a last minute appointment.

Q:  Are you kid friendly?  Can I nurse my baby in your store?

Yes!  We are completely kid friendly, and we respect a mother’s right to nurse her baby anywhere she sees fit.

Q:  Friends and family would love to come with me for a proper fitting. Do you offer parties or special appointments for large groups?

Yes!  Walk-ins are always accepted, but if you have a large party, we may only be able to allot two of our three fitting rooms to your friends and family to prevent a long wait time for smaller parties. However, we can accommodate special parties after hours as well as on Sundays & Mondays. In these cases, we require a $150 deposit for two hours or a $200 deposit if you would like us to provide food and drinks. The deposit is transferable to store credit for anything purchased during the event by anyone attending, and we do not collect it until after the party has finished. In the majority of cases, we never need to charge the actual deposit as we are essentially asking that your party collectively spends at least the deposit amount to cover our expenses and time. Before organizing the event, I recommend speaking candidly with friends and family about whether they want to participate in the fitting as well as purchase. Should the party not spend more than the deposit amount, the deposit will be given as store credit to whomever pays it and can be redeemed at a later date.

Q:  Do you have sales or give discounts on products?

Because sales and discounts reduce our profit margin and in turn stall store growth and jeopardize our ability to operate, we only offer them sparingly. Furthermore, we are legally bound by pricing agreements with our vendors which discourage us from selling products at prices below the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). All bras are assembled by hand, meaning their general costs are higher than machine-made items like jeans or shirts, and as part of our store philosophy, we only stock quality, well-fitting products in a broad range of sizes. These retail prices reflect not only the quality and craftsmanship of the garment but also the expenses of operating a physical location with a professional fitter. As with most stores, we do have select older styles marked below MSRP as well as a clearance section customers are free to shop. However, we do have an easy and generous customer loyalty program. For every $100 you spend in the store before taxes, you receive a $10 off coupon for your next purchase. The computer keeps track of your spending and rewards, meaning there are no punch cards or receipts to lose, and the rewards can be used remotely for long distance customers. They start two weeks after earning them and are valid for an entire year. Since we offer the loyalty program, we do not offer any additional discounts, like senior citizen, student, etc.

Q:  My underbust measures X” and my bust measures Y”.  What bra size should I wear?

Check out either our Bra Sizing Guide or the Bra Size Calculator.

Q:  Your calculator says I should wear this size?  Is it possible I need such big a cup size?

Remember the calculator is only a starting point for finding a bra size and should always be verified with the good fit criteria found on our Bra Sizing Guide.  You may also want to read more about how bra sizes work to learn why cup size does not equate to a bust size.

Q:  I wear an (Insert Bra Size).  What are some good styles for that size?

I’m a big believer in researching reviews either through Google or Bratabase to determine which styles are worth considering, and I encourage people everywhere to do the same.  I may recommend a style because it sells well here, but that does not mean it will be the right style for you.  However, with this in mind, visit our Shop page.  All of the product listings contain high quality images, detailed descriptions, and any additional tips I thought would be helpful. We only carry products which have been thoroughly investigated for quality, fit, and durability. Additionally, here are some lovely styles we have not yet purchased that are worth considering:

  • Wacoal Visual Effects, Body by Wacoal Front-Close, Wacoal Ultimate Side Smoother, and Basic Beauty Front-Close
  • Elomi Morgan, Raquel, Cate Soft Cup, and Energise
  • Fantasie Zoe, Alex, and Lois
  • Freya Plunge Balcony Styles (for G cups and under) and Padded Half-Cups
  • Goddess Clara and Adelaide Full Cup
  • Panache Jasmine, Candi, and Thea
  • Moving Comfort Fiona
  • Enell 100


Q:  I’m having a lot of issues finding a bra which fits properly.  Can you help?

At this time, I am not taking on any new consulting cases from non-local clients. I recommend visiting Bratabase and /ABraThatFits, both of which provide expert, free advice.


Q:  I am not local to your store but would love to find a retailer near to me.  Do you have any recommendations?

I think the easiest way to find a good boutique or store nearby is to check out brand websites, like Freya, Panache, Curvy Kate, Elomi, etc., and view a list of their stockists.  Typically, if a store is carrying those brands, they will often have a better selection of products.  However, depending on your size, I recommend calling any potential stores and asking if they carry a good selection for you.  You may also want to ask about their order policy too.  Some boutiques may have limited options in a size range but are happy to order more for their customers.

Q:  What are some good nursing bras available?

The nursing bra market has been expanding by leaps and bounds over the last several years, and there are plenty of fantastic options available.  Size will play a key role in determining which nursing bras to consider, but here are a few options broken down by underwire type:

  • Wireless:  Elomi Beatrice, Cake Sorbet, Cake Tea, Cake Rose Mousse, Goddess Keira, Panache Sophie
  • Flexi-Wire:  Cake Croissant, Cake Parfait, Cake Lemon Zest, Cake Waffles, Panache Eleanor
  • Underwired: Elomi 3912 Smoothing Nursing Bra, Le Mystere Sexy Mama

Furthermore, I recommend the Cake Cotton and Sugar Candy nursing bra series as a great option for sleeping/lounging as well as for taking to the hospital with you.  The high quality elastic retains its shape, and the racer-back design provides back and side support.  A similar design is also available in the Cinder Toffee tank for moms wanting something with more coverage.

Q:  I am a man and need to be fitted for a bra.  Do you offer this service?

Yes!  We are happy to help men find bras and/or lingerie which suits their shape and needs.  However, because we have some customers who are not comfortable with men in the fitting room area, we ask that you call or use our contact form to setup a special appointment.  Our goal is not to make anyone uncomfortable—male or female—and private, personalized appointments allow us to dedicate the time we need to each client.  Please be advised that we are strictly here to help with bra fitting and sizing advice  We do not aid in fitting for panties or teaching “tucking,” and we will not tolerate sexually suggestive or harassing language or gestures.

Q:  (Insert Brand) is on (Insert Online Competitor) today.  What size should I buy?

Without physically having you in the store, the best I can do is provide an estimate based on what styles you tried in the past.  However, bra fitting and sizing is not an exact science, and I recommend only ordering from places with a clear return policy.  I understand finding the right size and style is challenging, especially if you have no local retailers, and I will continue to update the Bra Naked Truth articles as well as the blog with information to help.  Nevertheless, questions regarding sizes or styles purchased at or to be purchased at other retailers places me in a difficult position where I spend time and effort on an non-revenue generating activity.  I understand other retailers can sometimes offer lower prices than we can, which improves a bra buying budget.  However, if my store does not make enough money to support itself, I will have to close.  Please realize that the very nature of this question is designed to exploit my expertise and the resources afforded by my shop to direct sales toward another retailer.  As a result, we will not answer these inquiries. Instead, I encourage you to check out Bratabase, /ABraThatFits, as well as to google reviews of the product in question first.  You may find all of the information you need is already available.

Q:  Do you accept unsolicited blog posts?

We do not accept any unsolicited blog posts.  I am open to guest posts as well as collaborative blogs given the right circumstances, but you need to have a clear idea of what you would like to share with our readers, know the content of our blog, and not intend to exploit me or my readers for advertorial purposes.  I have no interest in compromising the integrity of the blog to give free advertising.  I do not post any press releases, contests, or product advertisements.  Collaborative posts should be on a topic of mutual interest in which both of us contribute.  If you want to send a free sample for consideration, I will review the product but will only offer an honest and truthful opinion to my readers.

Q:  I work with XYZ Seo or Marketing Company, and I want to help make your website #1 on Google Rankings.  What would be a suitable time to call and discuss this with you?  (This question also applies to anyone wanting to solicit for payment processing, advertising, and/or website design services.)

We do not take unsolicited emails for these services.  If I am interested in working with a company to improve any of the above facets of our business, then I will research which companies have the best reputation and open a dialog with them.  Please kindly remove me from your email mailing list.  If you bypassed this page or ignored the question altogether, I will send a response containing only a link to this page and the word “Remove.”  Please do not waste my time or yours.