Final Sale

Like most retailers, we accumulate miscellaneous bras, panties, and other items which compose the clearance section of our shop. However, manually adding every new item to our e-commerce store is time-consuming, particularly during busy months, and instead we created a special page with pictures of our final sale bras. That said, we do have some pretty awesome stuff in final sale sections for both the bras and the undies on the website too! I will update as new items are entered into the section and remove older items. Since I often take group shots of bras, I will note in the comment section the size and style as well as the price. Some items are marked “PUR,” meaning “Price Upon Request.” Items with a strike-through are no longer available. All of these items are sold “as is” and cannot be returned or exchanged under any circumstances. As much as I would love to, I can no longer provided detailed advice about each style. Most of these bras are sold at or below my cost, so I am not compensated for any time I spend consulting. Please consider using Google, Reddit, or Bratabase as a resource. Sizing is written in the system used by the brand.

US Shipping will be a flat $3.50 for all orders under $75. Orders over $75 qualify for free shipping. To purchase any of the items on this page, please visit our Contact Page and email the size and style you want, or you can call (336) 270-6744 during normal business hours. We accept Paypal, checks, and all major credit cards.  We will not ship internationally.

Left Column: Parfait Charlotte 28J Rose – PUR, Comexim Mimi 28J, Panache Jasmine 28G Black – PUR, Freya Deco Vibe, Freya Deco Wireless 28D – PUR. Right Column: Parfait Sophia Wire Bra 30J – $5, Curvy Kate Desire 30J – $5, Comexim Snow, Freya Rosie Soft Cup 30F – $15, Fantasie 4520 Smoothing 30FF Beige – PUR, Comexim Mimi Plunge Black.
Left Column: Wacoal Sport Bra 32G – PUR, Affinitas Nicole Racer-Back Fuchsia 32D- $15, Wacoal Retro Chich 32D – PUR, b.tempt’d Perfectly Fabulous Cappuccino 32C – $10. Right Column: Skarlett Blue Minx 32DD – $15, Le Mystere Sophia Lace 32DDD/F- PUR, Fit Fully Yours Misty Soft Cup Fawn 32G – PUR, Skarlett Blue Minx 32DDD – $15.
Right Column: Comexim Snow 32G Reduced Cup/2cm Strap Alteration – $30, Freya Deco Wireless Beige 32FF, Freya Rosie Soft Cup Bra Fuchsia 32FF – $10, Panache Tango Plunge Beige 32E – PUR. Right Column: Skarlett Blue Flawless Push-Up Charcoal, Fit Fully Yours Oksana US 32J, Fit Fully Yours Kristina Soft Cup US 32J – PUR, Fit Fully Yours Gloria Smooth Cup.
Left Column: Curvy Couture Purple Passion Plunge, Skarlett Blue Minx Sugarplum 34DD – $15, Affinitas Lea Balcony Bra 34C – $15, Affinitas Nicole Racer-Back Fuchsia 34B – $15, American Breast Care Wireless T-Shirt Bra Beige 34C – $10. Right Column: Curvy Couture Passion Plunge US 34G, Le Mystere Sophia Lace Black 34DD/E – PUR, Panache Tango Plunge Beige UK 34E – PUR, Le Mystere Dream Tisha 34DD/E – $5, Affinitas Molly 34DD – $15.
Left Column: Comexim Elena 34JJ, Le Mystere Energie Sports Bra Beige 34G – $5, Wacoal Sports Bra Beige 34G – PUR, Wacoal Ultimate Side Smoother Black. Right Column: Wacoal Visual Effects Minimizer Beige 36D – PUR, Affinitas Lea Convertible Bra Fuchsia – 36C – $15, Curvy Couture Matte & Shine Black 36C – $15, Skarlett Blue Minx Sugarplum 36C .
Left Column: Skarlett Blue Minx Push-Up Cashmere 36DD – $15, Affinitas Nicole Racer-Back Fuchsia 36DD – $15, Affinits Lea Convertible Bra Fuchsia 36D – $15, Skarlett Blue Minx Sugarplum 36D – $15. Right Column: Panache Tango Plunge Beige 36E – PUR, Elomi Jocelyn Purple 36E, Parfait Lousia Wire Bra Tango Red 36DD – $10, Curvy Couture Purple Passion Plunge 36DD – $30.
Left Column: Fit Fully Yours Kristina Soft Cup Beige 36K – PUR, Panache Tango Balcony Bra Beige 36GG – PUR, Elomi Etta Beige 36FF -$20, Sculptresse Candi Red 36FF – $30. Right Column: Anita Makeda Spacer Bra Beige, Panache Tango Plunge Beige 36F, Wacoal Embrace Lace Black/Cream 36DDD – PUR, Skarlett Blue Minx Push-up Cashmere 36DDD – $15.
Right Column: Affinitas Nicole Racer-Back Fuchsia 38DD, Le Mystere Light Luxury Beige 38D – $10, American Breast Care 105 Beige 38C – $10, American Breast Care 105 Bra Leopard – $10. Right Column: Wacoal Sports Bra Beige 40D – PUR, American Breast Care 105 T-Shirt Bra Beige 40A x 2, 40B, 40C – $10. Elomi Underwire Smoothing Nursing Bra Black 38FF – $25, Affinitas Molly Bra Plum 38DD & 38DDD- $15.
Left Column: Anita Makeda Spacer Bra Beige 42F, Elomi Sports Bra Black 42FF, Goddess Yvette Beige 42DD, Wacoal Basic Beauty Beige 42D – PUR. Right Column: American Breast Care 105 T-Shirt Bra Beige – 42A & 42C – $10, Elomi Energise Sports Bra Navy UK 40J, Parafait Estelle Padded Bra Black 40G – PUR, Le Mystere Sophia Lace Black – 40DD/E – PUR.
Left Column: Elomi Beatrice Nursing Bra Beige – PUR, Elomi Cate Pansy, Parfait Charlotte Rose 42FF – PUR. Right Column: Goddess Keira Soft Cup Bra Black 50D, American Breast Care Soft Cup Bra White 46C – $15, American Breast Care 106 46C – $15.
**All Underwear are $8 each** Left Column: Elila Jacquard Brief Beige 4XL, Curvy Couture Luxe Underwear 10/12 (Large), Parfait Charlotte High Waist Brief. Right Column: Wacoal Embrace Lace Brief Purple Large, Coobie One Size Brief, Anna Pardal Hibiscus Thong Medium.
**All Underwear are $8 each** Left Column: Natori Body Smooth Brief Beige Small (2), Skarlett Blue Adore Brief Small, Le Mystere Safari Bikini Calypso Small. Center Column: Masquerade Antoinette Thong X-Small, Le Mystere Comfort Chic Bikini Small, Medium, Large (2), Skarlett Blue Chikini Sugarplum – Small, Freya Ashlee Short X-Small. Right Column: Freya Elize Short Medium, Perfectly Fabulous Cappuccino Short Medium, Comexim Chameleon Bikini Medium, Cleo Lucy Thong Red Medium.
Panache Envy Bodysuit 32HH – $30, Goddess Keira Longline 54G – $20
Left Column: Fantasie 4530 Strapless 30F & 30G – PUR, Parfait Jeanie Strapless 32DD & 30FF – $15. Right Column: Parfait Jeanie Longline 38E – $25, American Breast Care Strapless 42A – $10, Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless 28GG – $20