Final Sale

Hello Everyone,

Like most retailers, we tend to accumulate miscellaneous bras, panties, and other items which compose the clearance section of the shop. However, manually adding every new item to our e-commerce store is time-consuming, particularly during busy months, and instead we are creating a special page with pictures of our final sale bras. I will keep this page updated as new items are entered into the section and remove older items. Since I will sometimes take group shots of bras, I will note in the comment section the size and style as well as the price. Some items are marked “PUR” not because of my affinity for cats but to indicate “Price Upon Request.”  Items with a strike-through mark have been sold and are no longer available. All of these items are sold “as is” and cannot be returned or exchanged under any circumstances. If you have questions before purchasing, please call or email first.  Please be aware that I can provide general advice, but I cannot guarantee a bra will or will not work for you.  Also, don’t forget to check out our online shop as it will have some things not included here.  If you email me directly, I will honor the prices on the web but charge the reduced shipping amount advertised here.

Shipping will be a flat $3.50 for all orders under $75. Orders over $75 qualify for free shipping. To purchase any of the items on this page, please visit our Contact Page and email the size and style you want, or you can call (336) 270-6744 during normal business hours. We accept Paypal, checks, and all major credit cards.  We will consider International shipping on these items, but the buyer must pay for whatever the total shipping cost will be and accepts all responsibility for the item(s).

Curvy Kate Smoothie Black 28J – $5; Curvy Kate Desire 28H- $5; Freya Deco Vibe Green 28G – $35; Freya Deco Vibe Blush – $35; Freya Deco Wireless Nude A4231 (Not Pictured) 28D – $30.
Left: Parfait Sophia Lace White 30J – $5; Curvy Kate Desire 30J – $5, Panache Envy 30HH – PUR, Curvy Kate Princess 30G x 2 – $5. Right: Freya Deco Nude 30FF – PUR, Parfait Danielle 30FF – $20; Panache Georgia 30F and 30FF – $20 each; Cleo Kali 30F – $20; Panache Idina Plunge 30F – $10; Comexim Mimi 30F Pockets/3cm Strap/Reduced Cup – $30.
Left: Freya Deco Nude 32G: PUR; Wacoal Sport Bra 32G – PUR, Comexim Snow 32G Reduced Cup/Pockets/4CM Strap – $30. Right: Comexim Small Quail 32E Reduced Cup/Raised Arm/3cm Strap – $30; Panache Tango Plunge Cornflower Blue 32DD – $10; Wacoal Retro Chic 32D – PUR, b.tempt’d Perfectly Fabulous 32C – $10.
Left: Goddess Adelaide 34K – $25, Comexim Magic & Honey Cookie 34H Half-Cup Reduced Cup/Reduced Gore/4cm Strap – $30 each; Le Mystere Energie 34G – $15; Wacoal Sport 34G – PUR. Right: Le Mystere Dream Tisha 34E – $5; Le Mystere Safari Plunge 34E – $30; Cleo Lucy Pink 34DD – $10; Natori Feathers 34C Cafe – PUR; Josie Mya 34C ; Skarlett Blue Flawless Push-Up 34C – $30.
Left: Elomi Jocelyn 36E – $20; Wacoal Embrace Lace Black 36DDD -PUR; Cleo Marcie Nude 36F & 38E -PUR; Wacoal Sport Bra 36DDD – PUR. Right: Wacoal Visual Effects Minimizer 36D – PUR; Elomi Rita 36E – $20; Curvy Couture Matte & Shine Black 36C – $25; b.tempt’d Perfectly Fabulous 36B – $15.
Left: Goddess Adelaide 38M; Cleo Lucy 38HH Black – $25; Goddess Keira 38H Black – $25; Curvy Couture Matte & Shine Grey 38G – $25; Wacoal Ultimate Side Smoother 38G – PUR; Comexim Emmeline 38E – $25. Right: Panache Georgia 36G – $25, Elle Macpherson Artistry 36G – $5; Panache Flirtini 36FF – $25; Wacoal Awareness Berry 36H – $30; Elomi Etta 36FF – $25.
Left: Goddess Keira 44L Scarlet – $15; Goddess Hannah 44H – $15; Goddess Kayla Bella Coral 44G- $20; Curvy Couture Jacquard Spacer 44G – $20; Goddess Adelaide 40L Blush – $25. Right: Elomi Energise Nude 42G – PUR; Elomi Carmen Black 42G – PUR; Wacoal Basic Beauty 42D – PUR; Wacoal Sport Bra 40D – PUR.
Left: Freya Wireless Sports Bra Black 30F, 30FF, & 34F – $10; Freya Dottie Soft Cup 36D – $10; Goddess Sport Black/Red 34I – $30; Natori Cool Contour Wirefree 34C – $10; ABC Full Coverage Wireless T-Shirt Bra 34C – $10. Right: Fit Fully Yours Kristina 32J – PUR; Freya Rosie Soft Cup 30F & 32FF – $20; Fit Fully Yours Misty Soft Cup 32G – PUR.
Left: Glamorise 1265 Front-Close 52B – $10; Goddess Sport Black/Red 42G – $30; Fit Fully Yours Misty Soft Cup 42DD Black – PUR; Goddess Keira Soft Cup Fawn 40DD – $20; Goddess Keira Soft Cup Black 38D – $20. Right: ABC Petite T-Shirt Bra 38A – $10; Panache Wirefree Sport Black 36G – PUR; Fit Fully Yours Kristina Soft Cup 36K – PUR; Curvy Couture Molded Cup Wireless 36G & 36H – $30.
Left: Le Mystere Sexy Mama 34G – $30; Elomi Beatrice Nursing 36E, 42GG, & 42HH – PUR; Freya Dottie Nursing: – 34D & 36DD – $20. Right: Elomi Smoothing Nursing Bra Black 38FF – $25; Freya Deco Wireless 28D – $30.
*All panties are $8 each. These fit like most standard smalls.* Left: Natori Full Brief Size Small, Coobie One Size Brief, Anna Pardal Florence Brief Small, Freya Ashlee Extra Small. Right: Skarlett Blue Chikini Small, Comexim Chameleon Bikini Medium, Freya Lyla Brief Small, Panache Antoinette Thong Small.
*All panties are $8 each and fit like standard mediums.* Left: Cleo Kali Thong Red Medium, Freya Elize Short Small, Wacoal Embrace Lace Brief Purple/Lilac Medium. Right: Le Mystere Perfect Pair Bikini Purple Medium; Elle Macpherson Sheer Ribbons Hipster Medium, Anna Pardal Hibiscus Thong Medium.
*All panties are $8 each and fit true to the size listed.* Left: Goddess Kayla Bella Coral Brief 4XL; Elila Jacquard Nude 3XL; Wacoal B-Smooth Full Brief Nude 2XL, b.tempt’d Perfectly Fabulous Short Large. Right: b.tempt’d Lace Kiss Bikini Blue XL; Comexim Arizona Short Large, Wacoal Embrace Lace Purple/Lilac Large.
All Parfait Charlotte Bras are $19: Dusty Rose 28J and 32G, Hot Pink 30HH, Red 28J, 30HH (2), 32J
IMG_0029 (Custom)
Goddess Keira Longline Bras $25 Each: 54DD and 38DD Black, 40G, 42C, and 54G Fawn
Left Column:
Left Column:  Parfait Jeanie Strapless Nude 32DD, 30FF, 30G – $10 Each; Right Column:  Fantasie 4530 Smoothing Strapless Bra Nude 30F, 30FF, 30G – $10
Left Column: Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Biscotti 28GG – $20, Panache Porcelain Strapless Nude 36D and 36DD – $20; Right Column: American Breast Company 112 Strapless Bra Nude 42A – $5, Elomi 1230 Smoothing Strapless Nude 44F and 44G – $32, Panache Evie Strapless Nude 36FF – $10