How to Measure Bra Size


A well-fitting bra is one of the elements that define a well-groomed lady. Finding the right bra size is a daunting task for most women. This is because their breast size fluctuates during specific episodes of their lives. During pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and particular times during her cycle like menopause or her most fertile years, her breast size is due to change. Therefore, how to measure a bra size will come in handy during these times.

What you will need to follow this tutorial

This guideline aims to guide ladies on how to measure bra size and the right fitting for your breasts. Here are some pointers to follow when you’re searching for the ideal bra size. 

1. Cups:

Your bra’s cups should appear even and with no noticeable bumps. Underwire bra cups should lie flat on your chest, and they shouldn’t ride up, poke or pinch you. There shouldn’t be any flesh seeping through them.

2. Band:

 This shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. You can detect this by inserting a finger between your body and the bra. A snug fit indicates the right size.

3. Straps:

 These straps shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Consequently, they shouldn’t slip off your shoulder or dig into your flesh. Buying a bra with adjustable straps is advisable. 

4. Center Gore:

 The center gore is the area in the middle of the cups. This should always remain flat, and it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

Step by step instructions

 The above points will provide you with a general overview of determining the best bra. Nonetheless, you need to follow the steps below to ensure that you emerge with a bra that fits you well;

1. Find out your band size:

Determining your band size is the first step towards emerging with the right size of a bra. Remove any clothes that you might be wearing over your breasts. Ensure that you have worn a plain bra that isn’t padded. Then use a measuring tape to measure all-around your back where the bra band covers. 

The measuring tape should be at a comfortable position that doesn’t dig into your flesh. The number that you emerge with should be a whole number. Round it off if it doesn’t produce a whole result. Please examine the image below from for the best results in measuring the band size. Some women find that measuring themselves produces inaccurate results; you can choose to have a professional shop attendant or someone you trust to assist you.

2. Find out your cup size:

Determine your cup size by running the tape measure all-around your breasts. The tape measure should be situated over the fullest part of your breasts and under the shoulder blades. The image below illustrates how you can measure your breast size.

3. After you have found out this size, subtract the number from the amount of your band measurement.

The number that you emerge with will indicate your cup size. For instance, if your band size is 36 and your bust size is 39, you will emerge with 3 after the subtraction. This number should correspond to cup size C. 

There is a universal chat size that indicates the correct cup size. Please consult the measurements in the chart below to emerge with the correct cup size measurement. Nonetheless, your cup size can sometimes be determined by where you are situated. As in different countries have their measurements of cup size.

4. Determining the breast shape:

Women have different body types that are determined by many pre-determined factors. They are ladies who have a pear shape, apple shape, athletic shape, diamond shape, the rectangle shape, among others. Your breast shape isn’t any different, and it may also be defined by these boundaries.

Finding the right bra size is a vital step towards determining the correct bra fit. However, your breast shape is an ultimate guide in emerging with the correct bra size for you. Essentially, your body type will guide you towards discovering the right breast shape.

In turn, you will able to buy the perfect bra with a snug fit. Different shopping brands recommend an array of bras for various breast shapes. The following tips will give you an idea of your breast shape:

1. Compact Breasts: These breasts sit higher on your chest. Therefore, some bras will seem like they are away from your body. This means that fabric and lace bras might not be ideal for you since they will not lie flat. Aim to purchase bras that have contoured padding and stretch fabrics.

2. Asymmetric bust: This kind of a bust has one breast, which is bigger than the other one. Women with this kind of a bust should look for a bra that favors the bigger breast. Experts recommend the Spacer bra for this kind of a bust. These bras have a bare skin fit. These women may also wear a molded bra. Generally, they should purchase breasts with stretchy material that have shallow cups.

3. Full and round bust: A full and round bust is well balanced all over your chest. This kind of breasts will require plunge bras or triangle bras that have cups that clasp the bust. However, this kind of woman is mostly free to select any type of bra. The fullness and roundness of their burst make it easier for them to choose various types of bras comfortably.

4. Wide-set bust or side set: These breasts carry their fullness towards the sides of your bust. Women with this kind of bust should purchase bras that have a liberal center gore and comfortably curved wires under the cups. This kind of woman will find that she is more comfortable with a balconette bra. This has demi cups, broad neckline, and straps that are set widely apart.

5. Teardrop breasts or bell-shaped: A teardrop bust will carry low lying breasts that are full towards the bottom. These types of breasts will require a bra that has fabric overlays or sweetheart demi outlines. This is an underwired bra that will lift the bust and make it seem full and round from all sides. Consequently, the cups will lie comfortably flat.

6. East-West breasts: These kinds of breasts gravitate outwards with nipples facing two opposite directions. They might not have a very big space in the center. This kind of woman should aim to purchase a t-shirt bra or a sports bra. This will shape the breasts and bring them closer.


This article has covered some of the fundamental points when purchasing your model bra and determining the correct size. I hope you enjoyed it, and you will now be able to decipher how to measure bra size correctly. The perfect bra plays a vital role in your overall health and outlook. 

Issues like maintaining a great posture, boosting your confidence, having the right clothes fit, back pain problems, and good grooming are all determined by wearing an ideal bra. Please feel free to express your views about the article in the comments section below and share the article with everyone you care about.

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