Bra Cups and how they work

When looking at bra sizes, many women use cups for measurements. They often do not have the right cup size and do not think that they can fill up the cups. Bra sizes are often used to describe boobs, and when celebrities make their cups sizes public, many women are left feeling insecure. Many women feel like they need to have a DD to be desirable and compete with the likes of Hollywood actresses. Cups sizes are often thought of in a specific way.

Cups sizes

  • A chests are flat
  • B chests are small
  • C is the average size
  • D is big
  • DD is very big
  • DDD is huge

This is the average size of the cup. Cups are only half of the equation, and the band size is what makes the difference when it comes to cup sizes. Finding the right bra size has to do with the band as they vary from even bras with the same cup sizes.

Bras are like other fashion items, and the band is what all the difference. The band is used to measure the torso girth and the width of the cups. The placement of the straps is also important to get a customized fit. As you go up in band size, the bra gets bigger. The designer knows that the woman wearing it will be bigger than someone that has a smaller sized bra. If your band is too big, it will not fit comfortably. The underwire will not be able to fit against the breast. If the band is too wide, you may need a smaller sized bra.

As the band sizes get smaller so will the cup sizes.

Where does the cup come into this? They can be pretty straightforward with the measurements.


  • A is the band size plus an inch
  • B is the band size and two inches
  • C is the band size and three inches
  • It goes on going up from here

Even with this information, there are often limited sizes in the store. Women will often purchase the cup size equivalent bra. This is where the breast will fill up the cups. There are some equivalents:

such as

28G + the 32F+ the 34DDD+ 36DD=38D=40C

This is why the band size is more important. If a woman wears a 28DD, she may have the same amount of breast tissue as a woman that wears the 34DD. The cups size are the same.

All the bra cup sizes have an equivalent.

There are ways that the band sizes will work. We are going to look at the different sizes that a woman can wear.

The 28DD is for and 28-inch ribcage and a 33-inch chest.

The 30DD is the 30-inch ribcage and a 35-inch chest.

The 32DD will fit a 32-inch ribcage and a 37-inch chest

The 34 DD will fit a 34-inch ribcage and a 39-inch chest.

There are many different measurements for this size alone. Some women want to go for the larger band due to health reasons. It may also be more comfortable.

Cups sizes alone do not represent the size of the breast. You need to find a comfortable bra and one that flatters you without worrying about the numbers.

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